Some basic changes to this blog

I have been trying to change the layout of this blog and have finally done something about it. I actually thought about switching to other blogging platforms, or even consider hosting, but decided against it (can't afford them, takes too long to re-design everything, and so on.)

I will be removing watchlist, current holdings, and useful links, from the left column; and will move them to standalone pages. There was too much information to list and I decided to gather everything I use for my investing on this blog.

Since the Blogger platform is quite limited and doesn't let you host pages on their own, I'll be making a blog entry for each page right after this post. One should ignore all these pages if you are reading in an RSS feed. They are just permanent pages that will be continuously updated at any time. Anyone visiting the website can access them through the 1990's menu (LOL ;) ) near the top of the page.

I have also decided to go fully transparent and anyone that wants to see what I am tracking, or what is in my portfolio should check the relevant pages using the menu at the top. Even before, I always disclosed what I was buying and selling in my portfolio but now, on the watchlist page, you can see details of what I am thinking. The only exception is that I will not disclose any highly illiquid stock that I am attempting to purchase until I have purchased all of it (this is quite rare but lately, thanks to the Greenbackd blog, I have been looking at special situations involving some illiquid stocks.)

The four menu items are:

WEBSITES - This will list links to various websites
BOOKS/REFERENCE - This page will provide links to my book summaries, any posts on this blog I feel are important, useful documents, articles of importance, and so on
PORTFOLIO - Current holdings and past performance
WATCHLIST - This page wil outline my short-term to-do list, my long-term strategic plans, stocks I'm tracking, and contain preliminary look at stocks

If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know. As always, leave comments if you think I am making a mistake or you don't particularly like my thinking.


  1. Ok now I get why these posts are titled the way they are.

    These permanent posts do make it easier to see what it's all about.


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