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Sold/Final Liquidation: Comdisco (CDCO and CDCOR)

I haven't done any investing in the last few years. In addition to being busy with some personal life stuff, I have felt the market is overvalued. In any case, one of my last special situations, a liquidation, I invested in 2009 finally made its final liquidation distribution. Given the huge bull market over the last 6 years, this investment severely underperformed. However, I am ok with the outcome given how I was bearish and wanted something uncorrelated with the market. One lesson to be learned from this investment is that liquidations can take much longer than one expects. I anticipated further delays when I made the investment but I never imagined it would last this long. It took approximately 7.5 years from when I invested (I was expecting it to close out within 3 to 4 years). Comdisco (formerly CDCO -- security cancelled) Purchase price (approx): US$ 7.00 Final distribution: US$ 4.564 Distributions: $3.1273, $2.3455 Total return (US$, worst case estimate*): 37.8% (4