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This page contains useful websites. Let me know if I should add something here.

Recommended sites are marked with a star (*) but do keep in mind that it depends on one's interest and what they are investing in.

Stock Data & Charting

*Reuters Market Data (has good international data)
*Reuters Stock Screener (has global screen)
Yahoo! Finance (used to be my main quote site but has gone downhill; numbers sometimes inaccurate)
BigCharts (can plot P/E ratio)
BarChart (can plot commodities)
*Morningstar (great for 10 year financials and valuations)
Morningstar Options (pretty good listing of option information)
GuruFocus (tracks holdings of famous investors; I post regularly on their message boards)
ETF Connect (info on ETFs & CEFs; shows if price is above/below NAV)
CEFA (closed-end fund info)
*Bank of NY ADR list (search for foreign stocks (ADRs) listed in USA)
*WSJ Market Data (has practically all the index data you ever need)
dshort (updated long-term charts including real-return charts)
Dow Jones Indexes
Standard & Poors Indexes - S&P 500
*Trading Economics (global charts of major economic indicators)

Important Historical Data Sources
* Sources for Corporate Financial Data (list of data sources (incl paid))
*Robert Shiller's Online Data @ Yale (bond, stock, real estate, inflation)
Kenneth R French's Data Library @ Darmouth (industry sectors)
*Charts 'R US (diverse long-term charts)
Investment company factbook by Investment Company Institute (American retail investment fund flows)
Buffet FAQ
Crestmont Research (very good reports, including amazing stock return matrix)
*The Economist Daily Chart
* Visualizing Economics (cool economic and financial graphs)
* (cool charts culled from various sources)
Many Eyes (data generating site from IBM)
DataPointed (data visualization)
Charts Bin (global charts of various data)
timetric (plots various charts)
* Fast Company Infographic of the Day
* Cool Infographics
* Chart Porn (cool infographics)
Flowing Data (infographics)

Daily (mostly news)
The New York Times
*The Globe & Mail (Canada)
Financial Post (Canada)
The Toronto Star (Canada)
SeekingAlpha (blog aggregator)

* The Economist - Newsbook (blog of major daily business news)

*The Economist (best general purpose business magazine with a world view)
The New Yorker (non-business but has business column and a blog)
The Atlantic (non-business but has business articles)
The New York Times Sunday Magazine (often has in-depth business articles)
Report On Business(The Globe & Mail's monthly business magazine primarily covering Canada)
Financial Post (Canadian Magazine by the Financial Post business newspaper)
Entrepreneur (entrepreneurship)

Audio Stuff
*Investor Questions Podcast with Geoff Gannon (helpful podcasts for investors of all stripes; focus on value investing techniques)
*Investor Questions Podcast with Geoff Gannon - INTERVIEWS (Geoff interviews some prominent investors in the blogging world)
Financial Sense Newshour (interesting guest interviews; commodities/gold bull)
King World News (goldbug and commodities-oriented; contrarian guests)

General Investing
*Naked Capitalism
*Calculated Risk (primarily real estate)
Felix Salmon Jam Today
The Big Picture
Bronte Capital (Often provocative and off-the-wall views)
The Hackensack (conservative blogger covering diverse topics)
The Aleph Blog
Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up (humourous take on investing)
Street Capitalist
Crossing Wall Street
Stingy Investor
*Corner of Berkshire and Fairfax (very good value investing message board with professionals and several successful investors)

StockChase (tracks expert picks on Canadian TV)
StockHouse (good site for quotes, financial data, etc)
Toronto real estate performance (Toronto Real Estate Board)
Teranet-National Bank National Composite Home Price Index (Canada)

Value Investing or Fundamental Analysis

*Gannon and Hoang on Investing (OLD: Gannon on Investing) (Excellent blog by a Graham-type investor)
Ragnar is a Pirate (a Randian and his investing adventures)
*Old School Value
Wide Moat Investing [---updated infrequently---]
*Barel Karsan (short, simple, insightful posts)
*GregSpeicher (good  value investing blogger)
Petty Cash (Canadian)

**FOLLOWING updated in 2016**
*Hurricane Capital
*Long Term Value Blog
Alex Bossert's Thoughts on Value Investing
*Alpha Vulture
Bull, Bear and Value
Above Average Odds Investing
The Brooklyn Investor
Base Hit Investing
Value Investing Journey

Economics & Macro-oriented
The Conscience of a Liberal (Paul Krugman's blog from a liberal perspective)
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Publications (Economic Letter quite interesting)
Rational Angle
*Buttonwood's Notebook at The Economist (always interesting thoughts)
Toro's Running of the Bulls
Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed
Macro Man
*Thoughts from the Frontline (interesting thoughts from John Mauldin)
*Outside the Box (John Mauldin presents insightful views from diverse authors)
Credit Writedowns (Euro-centric)
Jeff Rubin's Smaller World (Controversial economist and his Peak Oil views; expects world trade to suffer and localization to grow at the expense of globalization)
Behavioural Investing (James Montier's personal blog)
James Montier Resource Page at Eurosharelab (James Montier resources)

Jim Rogers blog
Marc Faber blog
Jim Rogers official website
Contrarian Edge

Bonds & Credit Instruments
*Quantum Online (lists exchange-traded debt-type instruments)
* FINRA bond quotes (pricing for bonds)
*Fidelity Bond Screener
Accrued Interest
*Distressed Debt Investing

Special Situations (Risk Arbitrage/Liquidations/etc)
MergerInvesting (has a good listing of pending M&A deals)
*Greenbackd (specializes in NCAV, net-nets, liquidations with a catalyst)

NYT DealBook (articles, inside stories, Deal Professor legal opinion)
Cheap Stocks (stocks below NCAV; microcaps)
Value Investor Today
SEC Edgar filed spin-offs (Form 10-12 is supposed to new registrations and spin-offs)
The Deal Sleuth
Merger Arbitrage (has some good posts for newbies)

Asymco (very good analysis of mobile phone industry)
Tero Kuittinen @ Forbes (mobile phone daily blog)
Communities Dominate Brands (Tomi T. Ahonen's blog on mobile communications)
Brian S Hall - The Smartphone Wars Community (smartphones)
Morgan Stanley Tech Research (contains presentations about Internet trends, mobile phones, etc)
FOSS Patents (explains patent disputes with nice diagrams) ("economics of digital content")
Top Online apps/movies/etc charts (top charts for iTunes, Youtube, etc)
Both Sides of the Table (innovative thoughts from a VC)
Above the Crowd (interesting articles from a successful VC)
Andrew McAfee’s Blog - The Business Impact of IT (very good blog on the impact of technology on jobs and the economy, and how it may be hurting jobs)
I, Cringley (highly opinionated tech journalist--don't agree with all but interesting)

Charts R Us (very long-term charts)
FinancialSense (sub-sites for precious metals/energy/etc)

Notes from the Dark Corners of the Global Economy by Robert Smith (intriguing and covers obscure regions)

Britain/United Kingdom
Companies House (official London Stock Exchange site containing historical filings, including past annual reports)

*China Financial Markets by Michael Pettis (economics-oriented)
China Stakes (opinionated and off-the-wall views)
*All Roads Lead to China (general business conditions and other interesting stuff)
Patrick Chovanec (American professor in China)
WSJ China Realtime Report (frequently updated stories)

Tokyo Stock Exchange (basic quote, charting and recent financial info)
Japan Economy Watch
Investing in Japan by Steven Town

Mish's Global Economic Analysis
Reggie Middleton's BoomBust Blog
Zero Hedge (mostly for traders)
Steve Keen's DebtWatch (radical economic analysis)

Business & Management
Peter Drucker articles
The Operations Room (operations management; 2 profs from Kellogg school of mgt)
Strategy+Business (Booz & Co business magazine)
McKinsey Quarterly (requires registration for most articles)
* Knowledge @ Wharton (interesting business strategy, management, marketing, etc)
* Stratechery (always insightful and interesting thoughts on Apple and tech)

General Reference
WikiInvest (defines investing terms, concepts, etc)
Investopedia (defines investing terms, concepts, etc)
Wikipedia (general encyclopedia)

* Simoleon Sense (presents a mix of content relating to psychology, science, technology, and other articles)
Crow message board (obscure)
Google Trends (research Internet search popularity for industries/companies/etc)
Google Insights (research Internet search popularity for industries/companies/etc)
Farnam Street (seeking knowledge)
Khan Academy (video tutorials on topics in science, mathematics, history, etc)
IEEE Spectrum (magazine about technology, science, electrical/computer engineering)
* TED - Ideas Worth Spreading (video talks on technology, entertainment, design, and other interesting topics)
* Brain Pickings (graphical top 10 book lists)

Entertainment, Art, Life, Etc
Newsblur (RSS newsreader)
Wallpaper* (magazine of interior design, architecture, lifestyle, art, etc)
The Walrus (Canadian art/book review/current affairs magazine... cross between Harper's and New Yorker)
The Walrus Blog
* New York Review of Books
The American ScholarMichigan Quarterly Review
Toronto Review of Books
* Long Reads
* LongForm
Stuck in Customs (HDR photography by Trey Ratcliff)
*PaleoFuture (old images predicting the future [OLD SITE])
*PaleoFuture at The Smithsonian (old images predicting the future [NEW SITE])
*PaleoFuture pictures (images from the past predicting the future)
Centauri Dreams (deep space exploration possibilities)

(none in 2016; left for historical reference)***

[DEFUNCT, was a good blog] *ControlledGreed
[PRIVATE] Value Investing Resource
Compounding Machines
Underground Value
The Shrewed Value Investor
The Inoculated Investor
F Wall Street
*Variant Perceptions (contrarian, distressed and often high-risk)
Value Uncovered
[DEFUNCT] Value Investing Today (classic value investor; very balance-sheet-focused)
[DEFUNCT, was a good blog] Value Investing with Walter Schloss (run by Hunter, the same blogger who runs Distressed Debt Investing)
[INVALID URL] Value Investment Institute (has good articles periodically)
[SUSPENDED] csinvesting (investing through case studies)
Mark Carter
*The Strategic Investor (classic value investing and general)

[DEFUNCT] *Nightly Investment Links by Simoleon Sense (daily links to generally value-oriented articles)
[DEFUNCT, was good] *ValueHuntr


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Value Investor
December 17, 2009 at 5:45 AM

<p><span>Here is one more value investing site you might consider adding to the list:</span>
</p><p><span><span>I found the stock valuation model presented there to be very useful.</span></span></p>

Adam Sues
June 22, 2010 at 10:09 PM

Thank you very much for the link to my blog!  I'll look forward to reading your articles as well.

Sivaram Velauthapillai
June 26, 2010 at 1:56 AM

Thanks... I just encountered your blog recently... I like your risk arbitrage strategy but do keep risk of downside in mind... Also, why don't you enable comments for your posts. It's really up to you but I think you'll get a lot more feedback with comments (I'm assuming it isn't available--didn't see it.)

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