This page will list my current holdings and past performance. I usually post a full evaluation at the end of the year.

My goal is to remain transparent and disclose everything except dollar amounts. My portfolio is small and nearly all my money is invested in what you see here (except for some emergency cash.)

(Note: There are some discrepancies relating to currency fluctuations and a small mistake with either the annualized return or the cumulative return (I'll get around to fixing these issues.))

Current Holdings
Last Update: May 31, 2023
[x%] = Percentage of portfolio (not updated regularly)
* = original investment was a mistake (be careful with these)

Core Holdings (long-term investments)
Southwest Airlines (LUV) 28%
Disney (DIS) 10%

Distressed Investments (usually contrarian bets, often on risky firms)
Lion Rock Group (HK: 1127) 17%
Left Field Printing (HK: 1540) <1%
Ming Fai International (HK: 3828) 21%

Special Situations (risk arbitrage, liquidation)

Risk Arbitrage:

Legacy Holdings (old; generally mistakes to be sold)


Cash [24%]

********* Sep 2016: Data below not updated in over 5 years; will get around to it if I start blogging regularly *********

Past Performance
2009 Year-end Evaluation

2008 Year-end Evaluation

2004-2007 Year-end Evaluation

Net Worth

Historical Security Returns
(not updated regularly; updated to end of 2008)


  1. Your Porfolio sounds like too emotional and failed to beat average market performance.

  2. MRH will probably take hit with Japanese disaster. It is your big holding. What are your IV estimate range for MRH?
    Do you plan to add more if it gets sufficiently attractive?


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