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Real Vision's Stanley Druckenmiller interview (2018)

Thanks to Liberty for pointing me to this excellent interview with hedge fund superinvestor Stanley Druckenmiller, conducted by Real Vision. Druckenmiller is a macro investor so anyone who is macro- oriented should definitely check it out. As he makes clear in the interview, he made most of his money in interest rates and currencies and doesn't do much equity investing, so small investors like me who are focused on stocks won't find much practical insights. Nevertheless, you can glean some thoughts about global macro issues. Of note, the interview covers loose money policy over the last decade and potential trade war with China. In my opinion, these two are the most important issues, not just in the immediate future but also over the next 25 years. Druckenmiller also gives the most important investing lesson he learned: one should always know whether they are on a hot streak (doing well) or if they are on a cold streak (bad). You should realize what streak you are on and a