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Long-term real estate prices

Hard to find long term real estate charts and I found the following that is useful for future reference. Data and chart is from the 2018 Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook (summary version free.) Found it from the following Finalytiq blog post. This chart is real prices (so add say 3% inflation) and doesn't include rent or imputed rent (so add another 4% (say $1500/month rent x 12 months on a $500k home.) For USA, annual price return was 0.3% so that's like 7.3% annual return if you go with my assumption for inflation and rent above. Overall world figure was better at 1.3% for the price return. Like all other assets, home prices were basically flat until the mid-1900s (partly due to deflation/gold-backed money supply and partly due to deflationary destruction from world war 2.)  Australia has had the best price return at 2.2%, most of it from the last 30 years.

Ten classic investing myths from Peter Lynch

Advice from Peter Lynch. I agree with all of them but depending on the type of investor you are, some of them may not apply. Video is kind of humourous so do check it out. Ten investing myths by Peter Lynch 1. It can't go any lower  2. How High Can it Go?  3. They Always Come Back  4. How much can I lose  5. Darkest before Dawn  6. I will sell after rebound  7. I own conservative stocks  7. Money Lost bc not Buying  9. I must be right or I am wrong  10. Avoid Long Shot Video source: Business Basics on YouTube (original seems to be CSPAN-2 video from 1997,)