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This page contains three sections: references of insightful articles/documents/etc near the top; some of my favourite posts on this blog; and, at the bottom, a listing of books I have summarized and/or reviewed.

Readers that think I'm missing some important article/speech/book/etc can e-mail me or leave a comment at the bottom. Also if you think some of my past posts not listed below are insightful and useful to others should let me know so that I can add them here.


* = Recommended

Sources of Business Financial Data (data sources, including paid ones)

*Buffett FAQ (lengthy FAQ covering numerous topics)

Warren Buffett Secrets

ValueHuntr's value investing resources

Focus Investing (concentrated investing; has articles on thoughts from Munger, Buffett, etc)

Leither & Co. useful links; interesting articles; and *investment philosophy; newsletters [AustEcon value investor]

*Stock market return since 1900 (Crestmont Research)

Secular stock market cycles since 1900 (Crestmont Research)

*Components to Stock Returns and Rolling 10-year Returns (Crestmont Research)

Animated American interest rates since 1900 - Excel spreadsheet (Crestmont Research)


*How Inflation Swindles the Equity Investor by Warren Buffett (Fortune, May 1977) (original poor quality doc here)

The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville by Warren Buffett (Columbia commencement, 1984)

*Warren Buffett On Investing by Warren Buffett and Carol Loomis (Fortune, December 10, 2001)

Seminar in Value Investing by Walter Schloss (Columbia, November 17, 1993)

*Factors Needed to Make Money in the Stock Market by Walter Schloss (March 10, 1994)

An Investing Principles Checklist by Charlie Munger (from Poor Charlie's Almanack)

Academic Economics: Strengths and Faults After Considering Interdisciplinary Needs by Charlie Munger (University of California, October 3, 2003)

The Psychology of Human Misjudgement by Charlie Munger (Harvard Law School, 2005)

*The Art of Stockpicking by Charlie Munger (unknown date)

The Evolution of the Idea of "Value Investing": From Benjamin Graham to Warren Buffett by Robert F. Bierig (Duke University, April 2000)

How to read a merger agreement by "Hunter" and "Edward" (Merger Arbitrage blog, February 8, 2010)


How to Get Rich by Jared Diamond [Diamond's theories on why some societies succeed]

All Time Weathiest Humans (Relative to GDP; adjusted for inflation) [2008]

*The Age of Social Transformation by Peter Drucker (The Atlantic)

Beyond the Information Revolution by Peter Drucker - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 (The Atlantic, October 1999)

My favourite posts

Any with 'market valuation' label looks at broad market valuations (select from list on the left)

Secular stock market cycles & Ten year rolling returns (Feb 25, 2009)

Real return of 1929-1939 vs 1999-2009 (Feb 22, 2009)

Graham/Dodd 10-year cylically adjusted P/E (Jan 7, 2009)

Total market cap to GDP (Feb 5, 2009)

Historical Japanese Urban Land Prices (February 20 2008)

China: GDP vs Stock Market Return (September 3 2008)

Long-term real price of oil and gasoline (June 17 2008)

Recession Signals to Watch (August 23 2007)

Newbie Thoughts: Actual returns after all outlays (August 14 2010)

Google I. The secret of Google... sort of (June 12 2009)
Google II. What is Google? (December 10 2010)

Facebook Online Social Networks and the Ascent of Facebook (Feb 19 2012)

Netflix I. Preliminary look at Netflix (NFLX)  (Nov 6 2011)
Netflix II. A Look at Netflix's History and Its Business Transformation (Jan 8 2012)
Netflix III. Evaluation of Netflix's Financials (Jan 18 2012)


Here is a list of detailed reviews I have written on this blog:

In the Market: The Illustrated History of the Financial MarketsChristopher Finch2001Colourful coffee-table book covering the history of various markets (not just the stock market); Visually appealing reference bookAnyone interested in business, investing, economics, economic history91%
The Intelligent Investor: A Book of Practical CounselBenjamin Graham2003 Revised Edition (based on the 1973 4th edition)Value investing principles targetted towards amateur investorsAmateur investors with an interest in value investing91%
Tomorrow's Gold: Asia's Age of DiscoveryMarc Faber2002Historical look at economic cycles, asset markets, and the future of investing; Bullish arguments for Asia, commodities, and gold.Those with an interest in past history; those interested in the bull case for emerging markets80%
The Wall Street WaltzKen Fisher2008Coffee-table book of 90 historical charts (only a few updated past 1987)Macro-oriented investors; Those with historical interest74%
Trade Like Warren BuffettJames Altucher2005Covers the widely ignored short-term investing and special situation investing side of Warren Buffett. Focuses on Buffett's private portfolio investments involving so-called 'workouts' (risk arbitrage, PIPEs, junk bonds, convertible arbitrage, etc.)Special situation investors; risk arbitrageurs; Buffett fans72%
John Neff on InvestingJohn Neff with Steven L. Mintz1999Biography of John Neff, one of the top mutual fund investors in American history; Delves into 'low P/E investing'; Illustrates the ups and downs of the stock market in the 70's and 80's.Value investors; Contrarians; John Neff fans65%
Riding the Millennial Storm: Marc Faber's Path to Profit in the Financial MarketsNury Vittachi and Marc Faber1998Biographical sketch of Marc Faber; Provides some contrarian thoughts and lessons learned over the years.Marc Faber fans; Contrarian investors35%

(Back to text i. Newer editions may be available)</

Books I have read: Investing

Companies That Changed The World: From The East India Company to Google
In the Market: An Illustrated World History of the Financial Markets
The Wall Street Waltz: 90 Visual Perspectives : Illustrated Lessons from Financial Cycles and Trends
Forbes Greatest Investing Stories
Trade Like Warren Buffett
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Making Money on Wall Street
The Intelligent Investor
The Warren Buffett Portfolio: Mastering the Power of the Focus Investment Strategy
John Neff on Investing
Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist
Contrarian Investment Strategies: The Classic Edition
When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management
Hot Commodities : How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the World's Best Market
Riding The Millennial Storm: Marc Faber's Path To Profit In The New Financial Markets
Tomorrow's Gold: Asia's Age of Discovery

Sivaram Velauthapillai's favorite books »

Books I have read: Business

The Einstein of Money: The Life and Timeless Financial Wisdom of Benjamin Graham
Companies That Changed The World: From The East India Company to Google
In the Market: An Illustrated World History of the Financial Markets
From Edison to Enron: The Business of Power and What It Means for the Future of Electricity
The Innovator's Dilemma: The Revolutionary Book That Will Change the Way You Do Business
Smart Power: Climate Change, the Smart Grid, and the Future of Electric Utilities


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