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Is there a real estate bubble in China? Charlie Rose interviews Jim Chanos

The Charlie Rose interview with Jim Chanos, which was covered in the media and blogs last week, was finally released. I was really looking forward to this interview given my interest in this topic, and the master interviewer, Charlie Rose, doesn't dissapoint. Rose does an excellent job probing Chanos on most of the key issues.

Even if you are not interested in China, I recommend this interview. Whether you like or hate Jim Chanos, or believe China is seeing a real estate bubble or not, I think it's worth checking out this 30 minute video (or at least read the transcript.) Chanos' insights on the nature of bubbles, especially from someone who makes a living trying to identify and profit from them, is interesting. Chanos is also a liberal so I'm in tune with his political thinking too; not sure about you ;)

There are too many important points touched in the interview but the most interesting to me is Chanos' speculation on what would happen if China actually devalues its currency? Not saying it would happen but something to think about... the other interesting point to think about is who will take the losses if real estate blows in China.

Check out PBS Charlie Rose video here. Alternatively, you can also check out the transcript here (if the link to the transcript doesn't work, go to the site and scroll to the botton and click on the transcript tab.)

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