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Astrologers not too bullish on stocks

Yes, it's time to consult the oracles of this world. The ancient greeks did; the ancient Chinese did; and so did the ancient Indians. All prosperous civilizations of the past. So why not us? Let's see what the astrologers have to say.

Well, I'm not liking the news news from the astrologers:

In the year of the ox, Tan [Tony Tan] said investors should avoid U.S. and European assets, because both regions are at the center of the credit crisis. Credit-related losses and writedowns at financial institutions worldwide have swelled to more than $1 trillion. U.S. and European companies account for 97 percent of that total, data compiled by Bloomberg show.

Tan Khoon Yong, an astrologer who established consulting firm Way OnNet Group, agrees on the need for caution, given the stock markets’ performance in the previous ‘Year of the Ox’ in 1997, which coincided with the Asian financial crisis. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index plunged 28 percent that year.

“Chances of boosting one’s wealth in the ‘year of the ox’ are slim as the fluctuations brought about by the ox are huge and fast,” Tan [Tan Khoon Yong] said. He recommends holding shares in marine transport, fishery, technology, energy, hotel, media, lottery and food and beverage companies.


Still, Yap cautions investors as the “year of the ox” coincides with the “year of the earth,” symbolizing more turmoil ahead. Only a few industries will do well this year, such as healthcare, education and plantations, he said.

“Earth is a non-moving element, you need to clear the dirt first before you could get things moving,” said Yap. “The overall dominant theme of the year is deterioration, decay and stagnation.”

Leaving aside the somewaht confusing comments from two gentlemen with the name 'Tan' being quoted in the story, astrologer Yap makes it quite clear on the future outlook. Deterioration, decay, and stagnation! I'm not liking this one bit.

Now, one might be thinking that astrology is complete nonsense, let alone when it comes to investing. Well, one shouldn't be too quick to dismiss astrologers simply because of their seemingly vague pronoucements that might ruffle your feathers. After all, the top performing newsletter last year, according to Hulbert Financial Digest, is the astrology-based investing letter Crawford Perspectives.

I'm thinking of dumping fundamental and economic analysis and, instead, using astrology in my investing ;) Yes, it's about time I used the wisdom of the ancients rather than rely on contemporary thinking. Time to erase anything I learned from Warren Buffett, Marc Faber, et al... although, one thing holding me back, is, well, if these astrologers are so good at predicting the stock market, how come they aren't rich? Or is it possible the Forbes list of billionaries purposely excludes astrologers? Once I verify that these astrologers are indeed wealthier than Buffett, Whitman, Lampert, et al, I'm switching this blog to an astrology blog. Stay tuned... ;)


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