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Jim Rogers Interview in The Netherlands

Thanks to CCYork from the message boards for the link to a video interview of Jim Rogers in The Netherlands. It's pretty lengthy and covers some of his views on general topics that one may find insightful. I'm still hoping that someone would do another riverside conversation with Jim Rogers and Marc Faber.

I'm still unsure how correct Jim Rogers will end up when things are said and done. I see merit in his superbullish China call but the general commodities call seems very risky. There is absolutely nothing to say that commodities have to go up (except is gold, which should rise if there is high inflation.) To see what I mean, consider oil. Oil consumption has been increasing over the last 30 years--not just last 10!--yet it went into a huge bear market. There was more oil consumed in 2000 than in 1980 yet its price was much lower.

If you are looking for someone that is successful and somewhat opposite Warren Buffett, it would be someone like Rogers. Half of what Jim Rogers suggests is completely contradictory with what Buffett, or a general value investor, would do. Buffett almost always invests in equities and rarely bets big on macro trends. Jim Rogers, in contrast, almost always invests in commodities (not even the commodity businesses) and generally bets on macro trends. Buffett would not bet on China based on notion that it may do well in the future, not to mention invest in a country with questionable legal rights and government.

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