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Happy New Year!!!

Yeah... it's a bit late... but I'm always late :)

Happy New Year to All!!!
All the best to you and your family...
May you have a prosperous year...

I would say 2007 was a poor year for my investing (I'll post my returns once I get numbers for the total returns for the indexes I benchmark against)... anyway, 2007 was an interesting year and, to me, housing--and its related impact on Wall Street--was the main topic. One can easily pick the rise of emerging markets like China or the continuing bull run in commodities but I'm going with housing... the following BusinessWeek cover (which I referenced before) pretty much sums up 2007 for me:

(source: BusinessWeek)

For me, this year will likely be the defining moment of my life. I need to accomplish certain things in life (love & career) so those are my big goals for the year... Investing will also be a make or break year given my switch to focus investing and my intention of investing heavily in one of the bond insurers, which can actually go bankrupt...


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