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Investors Podcast Audio Interview with Bill Miller

I thought Bill Miller retired but apparently not. I thought he wouldn't get a chance to try again but now that he is trying to get his firm going, it looks like he is spending his time on investing (hard to tell what his co-portfolio managers do and how he fits into the decisions). Anyway, I'm still a fan of him and it's always good to hear his thoughts.

One thing I like about him is that he is very frank and open; very honest. He speaks his mind and explains his processes and his stock picks. In contrast, there are numerous investors, including those such as Warren Buffett and Seth Klarman, who never give any details into their analysis and newbies like me can't really learn the basics from them (after a while, it all sounds repetitious and very philosophical--good to know but doesn't help you with securities analysis or the mechanics of investing). As I have said numerous times, I have not seen any value-oriented investor tackle technology companies as successfully as Bill Miller (here was my thoughts on him from 2011).

Investor's Podcast recently had a good audio interview with Bill Miller. If you are a fan of him, check it out. If you are contrarian, definitely check him out.

Original source here (click on embedded audio near the top). Alternate audio is embedded below via Stitcher.

As usual, Bill Miller is very optimistic--hence vulnerable to downturns--but it's good to hear his insights on technology stocks such as Amazon, Apple, and Tesla. A lot of growth investors and momentum investors invest in these companies for totally different reasons but value-oriented examination is very rare (although companies like Google are broadly owned by everyone these days and isn't what they were).


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