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Sunday Spectacle CLXVI

I don't think Wall Street is as bad as some claim—it's filled with sharks so you have to expect certain behaviour—and I'm not as negative on Goldman Sachs but given the controversy over the opinion piece by an ex-Goldman employee, I thought the following painting by Molly Crabapple captures the public mood. The painting, clearly influenced by Matt Taibbi's polemic on Goldman Sachs from a few years ago,  "The Great American Bubble Machine," is very provocative and I think the artist has captured the symbolism and surrealism inherent in everything that has been happening around us. Some readers probably won't like the painting but it reflects the criticism from some who feel the ethics on Wall Street has been heading downhill for 25 years.

(If interested, you can visit the artist's site to purchase her works.)

Great American Bubble Machine (painting)
by Molly Crabapple (2012)

(source: Great American Bubble Machine (painting) by Molly Crabapple.
h/t Wired for bringing her work to my attention.)

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