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The Year That Was... 2016

2016 You Say?

Last time I did a recap, which is sort of when I stopped blogging and seriously investing, was in 2011. Seems like a long time ago. Now for something different from the usual investing stuff...

I like lists and the following lists capture 2016's top articles, book suggestions, photos, and various miscellaneous items. I only link to freely accessible sources but some items may provide free access a few times per month. Nowadays it seems that everyone is putting out lists. There are enough to last the next year ;)

(* anything marked with stars are recommended and worth checking out *)

* Google Year in Search 2016 (click for search trends)*

Business & Investing

 * 20 Best Reads of 2016 *
Financial Post (Canada)

* The Economist’s editors pick the ten covers that define 2016 *
The Economist

The Year in Technology: 2016 in Charts

Economist's 2016 in charts
The Economist

* Articles - Best of 2016: Business *; various

A Picture is Worth
a Thousand Words

The Big Picture -

The Big Picture -

Maclean's (Canada)

A Big, Big, World

* Flipboard Year in Review *
Flipboard; various

 * The Verge: 2016 Yearbook *
The Verge

* The 21 Best New Words of 2016 *

The Most Innovative Objects of 2016 (That You’ll Actually Want to use)

Best Gear & Gadgets of 2016

For the Literate

The New Yorker
Essays to Sooth the Mind
Longreads; various

 * Best of 2016: Top Ten *; various

 * Best of 2016: Most Clicked *; various Best of 2016: Essays; various

 * Best of 2016: Crime *; various

 * Best of 2016: World *; various Best of 2016: History; various

 * Best of 2016: Science *; various Best of 2016: Media; various

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