Sunday Spectacle CLXXVI

Barron's Top Hedge Funds in America

Thought I would post the tables listing the top hedge funds in America from an excellent pice on Ray Dalio (Macro-oriented investors should check out the article). Hedge funds are in a parallel universe from me (for the most part) but it's interesting to see what type of strategies have done well in the recent past.

A lot of the hedge funds posting good 3-year returns likely fell off a cliff 3 years ago so it's not clear how good they really are. It looks like the Barron's Top 100 hedge fund index has returned a spectacular 25.55% per year over the last 3 years vs BarclayHedge Fund Index of 9.05% S&P 500's 14.11%. There is likely huge suvivorship bias in the Barron's Top 100 Hedge Fund index.

(source: "Ray Dalio's World," Sandra Ward, Barron's. May 19, 2012. Data sources: BarclayHedge, Morningstar)

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