Jim Chanos thinks cracks appearing in China's real estate bubble

Jim Chanos, who is bearish on Chinese real estate, thinks that cracks are appearing in China. Chanos maintains his past views but says that his researchers who visited China are seeing bearish signs.

Do keep in mind that Chanos has been bearish on China for over an year now and been wrong. Although, in the video he says his position is doing well since the Chinese market peaked out over 18 months ago. The following chart from stockcharts.com of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite shows how the stock market over there has been in a bearish trend since it peaked out in the middle of 2009 (do note that, unlikely the majority of investors out there, I view the Chinese markets more akin to a casino and don't draw many conclusions from them).

Thanks to Credit Writedowns for the following CNBC video from last week:

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