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Robert Mugabe Still Has Some Ways To Go

If you thought Robert Mugabe was some tyrant hell-bent on destroying the country and ruling for eternity, you are sorely mistaken*. Mugabe is not a bad person. No evil tendencies in him whatsoever. All Mugabe wants to do is to make it to the top the list. You know, be #1 on the list of countries issuing the largest currency note in history. Wouldn't you want to be #1 at some point in your life? All the talk about him jailing people at will, destroying productive businesses, and abolishing freedoms of any sort is, well, propaganda from some foreign "white" sources. You see, all our dictator friend is trying to do is to climb the following list to hit the #1 spot (click on image for a clearer picture):

(source: Hey Big Spender, July 28, 2008. The Economist)

It looks like our friend has quite some ways to go. But given that inflation is running at 2.2 million percent, I think he has a shot. When not cheering for your favourite olympic team, we should all be cheering on the tyrant glorious virtuous leader who is only trying to make his country #1 in something.

(* Before sending me flame mail, you might want to brush up on the concept of sarcasm ;) )


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