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Sold: Nevsun (NSU) -- takeover completed

Haven't had time to spend too much time on investing but I do keep up with news and research things here and there.

With the American market selloff in Q4 2018, I have been investigating several stocks. As usual in these corrections, the lower quality stocks have sold off more. I notice that leveraged businesses are somewhat cheap right now. As an example, a lot of John Malone's companies have sold off quite a bit (some of it due to company/industry  specific issues but market selloff amplified it). For example, Liberty Global (LBTYA, LBTYK) and Liberty Latin America (LILA, LILAK) have fallen a bit. They have lots of debt and the is concern over the future of the cable industry but they are getting cheap.

In the meantime, in early January, the Nevsun (NSU) takover was completed (on Jan 4). Took a bit longer than forecast bute overall, satisfied with how things turned out.

Price Sold: $6.00
Total Return: 4.88% (annualized (estimate): 23%--not meaningful)

With a small portfolio these small returns would not be worth it but with a moderate portfolio, it can be ok.

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